Friday, January 28, 2011

34 weeks and such

The nursery painting is finished! I would say how hard I slaved away at it, but we all know that it was 100% Dan who did it!! Now we just have to work on filling the room with the needed items!

Here is the finshed giraffe! We will use him as a growth chart for Sparty.

We bought new blinds for the window, and Dan made the curtain rod from a stick in the backyard! He shaved it down, stained and glossed it! I think it fits the style of the room and just gives something special.

Less than 6 weeks to go!

I am headed towards the finish! I had my 34 week appt. and everything is status quo. I feel like he has really grown and "popped" my belly out the past 2 weeks. I also am starting to get a little more fatigued than normal. For the past 2 weeks, I have been working a rotation, at the hospital next to our hospital, as part of the Neonatal resucitation team. It was 7a to 3 pm everyday which is much different from my 3 day on - 4 day off schedule, even if the days were shorter. I would get home around 4p and be so tired but could'nt nap b/c then I would'nt be able to sleep that night! Needless to say, I like my 12 hour shifts b/c it means I get a few days completly off.
Other than fatigue, Sparty has really been moving the past week. It seems almost constant some days and I love it! Of course whenever Dan tries to feel the movements Sparty stops. It has been this way since I first started to feel him kick! It is kinda funny and frustrating at the same time.
Here are 2 pictures from 34 weeks,

I have my first shower coming up and I am super excited! We also have our birthing class soon, which Dan is NOT excited about. He thinks it is pointless for us to go b/c we both have been to so many c-sections and delivery's and are both NRP certified that it is going to be pointless. I tried to explain to him that it is just part of the pregnancy journey and it is different b/c it is our labor and delivery not some strangers. I don't think I sold him but he is going to go regardless!
I will post if we learn helpful information or not!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nursery Update
It is hard to belive I only have 7 weeks left! Time feels like it is crawling by and flying by at the same time. Not much to report about the baby. BTW, we have nicknamed him Spartacus (Sparty), it is what we have called the baby since we found out we were pregnant, but that is not what we will be truly naming him! I just did'nt want anyone to be confused! He seems to be growing just fine. It sure is fun to feel him kick and squirm! The other day Dan and I were talking and all of a sudden I got a jab right in the ribs from Sparty! I will be sure to remind him of that one day.

Dan has been hard at work painting the nursery! Below are some of the works in progress. He still has work to do but I think it is looking great!

He had just painted the walls, then cut out the leaves to trace.

THe giraffe head for the "growth chart"

Some of the cut out trees.

Jungle trees and begining of border

The giraffe, which will have a face at some point!!

Dan hard at work on the border! He is so talented and I am so blessed to have him for a husband!

I know this is a redundant picture but I have'nt figured out how to erase a picture once you ahve uploaded it , so bear with me!

I did not start taking "belly" pictures until I was 22 weeks. Iwas really having a hard time watching myself gain weight and it was'nt until 22 weeks that I started looking pregnatn as opposed to looking like I had taken a hiatus from running!
As you can tell, most pictures where taken as an after thought! I had either been working all day, just finished working out or getting ready for bed!! Oh well, at least I took some!
22 weeks

24 weeks

26 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks

32 weeks

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas over already!

Wow, I can't believe another Christmas and another year are behind us already! I love the Christmas season and I am always sad when it is over. We had a wonderful Christmas and were blessed to have both Chirstmas eve and day off together which is rare in the medical field! We spent a few days before Christmas with my family. Then we spent Christmas day with Dan's family. We also got to have Christmas morning for just the 2 of us! We had waffles and opened our gifts. Dan got me a wonderful purple ski jacket, which I can wear next year (hopefully)!
I am very steeped in tradition and those traditions have had to change some over the years due to work schedules, marriages and moves. But, one of my favorite traditions that has stayed the same is baking with my Grandpa (Papa). He and I get up at 5am on Christmas eve (Or what ever day we are celebrating as Christmas eve) and bake homemade Kolachi's and sweet rolls! He is an excellent baker and cook and I enjoy that time togther and the fun of getting flour all over me!
We open our gifts on Christmas eve, always have, and I am so blessed and spoiled by all the wonderful things we recieve. This year we got some gifts for the baby and it was so much fun!

Our family was so genourous to give us the BOB stroller I really wanted!
We were just about to open it!

We all got my sister a snowblower (were she lives, she needs it!!). We had to ship it to her house so she ended up opening a box filled with white peanuts. When she opened it my mom and I started to blow the white peanuts all over her until she guessed "snow-blower". It was hillarious!

Dan got the movie he really wanted!!

I absolutly LOVE Snoopy, he has been my "hero" since I was a little girl! My mom found Snoopy wrapping paper just for me!

I had a picture of all of the family, but it was too blurry. Here is me, mom and sister.
Other new, we have started the nursery, so stayed tuned for pictures of the progress!

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas and New Year!
Diana and Dan