Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy Month

WOW!! May has just flown by! Nathan is growing so much and he has been quite the little traveler this month.

He is really smiling now and even starting to laugh! I love every smile and he just makes my heart melt every time he flashes me a smile! I never thought I could love this kid so much!!

We started the month by traveling to Los Angeles to visit my brother, sister-in-law and Nathan's cousin, who is only 3 weeks older than him! It was so fun for the cousins to "meet", even though they were clueless! It is so interesting ot see how different their personalities are even at such a young age. It was also weird to see my brother as a dad. I am sure he felt the same way about me!

Nathan did fantastic on the plane both ways. On the way out there he slept for about 2 hours then just looked around. When we landed the people behind us said they never even knew we had a baby on board!! Yea Nate!

After we returned for LA, we drove to Houston, as my grandfather had to undergo surgery while we were in LA. Nathan did not do well on the drive down and it was a painful drive, he just decided he no longer liked his car seat and he wanted mama to know about it! He did do much better on the way home!

He was a good baby in Houston and was excellent at cheering my grandparents up. I mean who can be down around an adorable little smiling machine!

My brother and sister both flew in for the weekend ot be with my grandpa. It was the first time we had all been together in almost 2 years. It was also the first time for my sister to meet Nathan!

We had a "practice" graduation ceremony for my sister in Houston as my grandparents were unable to travel to NY for her "real" graduation.

After we returned from Houston Nathan. my mom and I flew to NY 3 days later for my sister's graduation from Law School. It was so amazing to see her graduate after all she has been through! She also was given a prestigious award of Most Outstanding Law student!!

Nathan did great in NY. He was so easy going and brought a smile to so many people's faces. We were able ot spend a little time in the city, so he got his first Zoo experience at the Central Park zoo.

He even dressed up in a tie for Aunt Cheryl's graduation!

So, May has flown by!

Nate will be 3 months this week and I have to return to work soon. I am really going to miss being with him all the time, but I know it will be good for me. I am anxious about going back to work, I feel like I have forgotten everything!!