Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 months and 1st taste

I never truly appreciated the saying "time flies" before I had a child. Now, I understand the meaning behind it! I really can't believe 4 months has gone by already! I think time seems to pass faster since I am focused on Nathan now instead of just myself.
I have been back at work for a month, part-time, however, I will be returning to full-time in the fall (boo). Sadly, my position at work does not offer part-time. Going back to work has been a relatively easy transition for me. It has made me realize I am not cut out to be a full-time stay at home mom. I enjoy working! I like the break it provides from being at home and it helps me to better appreciate my time off that I get to spend with my family. I like being back with my co-workers and using the critical thinking part of my brain again. Part-time would be a perfect balance for me, so I am praying a position will become available back at the hospital.
Nathan had his 4 month check-up and he is growing nicely. However, he does have a large head!!His head circumference is in the 75th percentile while the rest of his body is 30%!! I think that is why it took him awhile to hold his head up on his own, that is alot of work when your head weighs so much! I am sure he will grow into it in no time.
He still does not roll over, as he hates tummy-time, but he is good about sitting in his bumbo and playing in his exersaucer.
Below are some pictures of his first taste of real food! (OK, it is watered down baby rice cereal, but hey, yo got start somewhere!) He is not a fan, let me tell you. He will take a few bites, which he manages to just push right back out with his tongue then he starts crying.
the Dr. said it can take up to 15 times, of trying new tastes, before he decides he likes it!
Oh, and what a mess it made! I mean seriously, he had like 4 bites and there was cereal everywhere. He had all over his arms, face and head!

He loves his exersaucer. He is able to stand in it for quite awhile before he tires out and gets bored. It is nice that he is able to entertain himself a little bit more each week or so.
Nathan has really been a good baby, I can not complain at all about sleepless nights or long crying fits. He sleeps 9-10 hours at night and then naps 3 times during the day. He usually only fusses when he is tired or hungry (Hey, I do the same thing!!)
He is awake more now that he is getting bigger, so it is difficult at times to come up with ways ot entertain him. He loves being outside, but with our lovely Texas weather of 103 degrees most days since June 1st, it is hard to get out. We go running together before 7am and then take a walk before his bedtime after 8pm. those really the only times we can spend outside because of the heat. I still am not sure why I still am here in Texas. I hate the heat!!
I have not been able to race or train the way I had planned this summer because of the heat and just finding the time to train. That has been a big disappointment for me, i really thought I would have so much more time to train only working 2 days a week, but I never really thought through the fact I would have to have someone watch Nathan during those times!! I can't swim or bike on days that Dan is working, which is most of my days off. All we can do is run, and it is hard to do sprint and hill workouts pushing a tank of a stroller. I can start leaving him at the gym in 2 more months so that will help.
Ahh.. How a baby changes your life!! totally worth it though!