Friday, September 16, 2011

6 month stuff

6 Months and growing!
WT:17lbs 11oz (50th%)
Length: 26in. (25th%)
FOC:46.5cm (75th%)
He's a little disproportionate...but that makes him unique! The Dr. thinks they measured him wrong on his height b/c she said he looks taller, either that or he has alot of vertical growing to do!
We have had busy month of August and part of September. I have officially switched jobs. I am now back in the Trauma ICU were I originated from (they all say I was a wayward child who found her way back home!!). I will miss my job on transport. It was a fun and challenging job with alot of autonomy. I loved all my guys I worked with and it challenged me as a nurse b/c we had every type of pediatric patient population. However, my family comes first and me working back in the unit will be best for my family. I am looking forward to being back in the hospital. I like the continuity of care you have in the unit, I love trauma, I still have some good friends who work up there and I like the relationship you have with the Dr's in the hospital. And of course, the challenge!
Nathan and I took a trip with my mom ans cousins to Oklahoma. One of my cousins attends OSU, so we went to visit her and to see the exhibit "PASSAGES" at the museum in Oklahoma city.
"PASSAGES" was interactive bible exhibit that took you through how the King James Bible was written, preserved and passed on throughout the years. There were pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which was just fascinating. To stand there and look at something so old and important was amazing. I learned alot and my memory was refreshed from facts I learned back in school. We could have spend all day looking at all the Bibles and interactive activities they had.

Nathan loves to look at himself in the mirror, i hope it is not an indication of him being vain!!
He loves to stand any chance he gets! With the way he hates tummy time and loves standing I am convinced he is never going to crawl but just got straight to walking!
Dan rigged up a way for us to hang his jumper up in the tree to use it as a swing. Needless to say, Nathan was a big fan! We could push him so much higher outside than in the house and he just grinned. I am so thankful it is finally cooling off enough in the evenings that we can take him outside to swing.
Nathan and Grandma on the giant John Deere tractor, he kept reaching over to play with the gear shift. I think he will be an early driver (especially knowing who his father is!)
They had a small indoor pool at the hotel we stayed at so we took Nathan for a swim. It was so interesting how it being a smaller pool, indoors with no-one else around made such a difference in how he liked swimming compared to the loud, big outdoor pool. I think he thought it was his bathtub, just a little bigger!
Playing in the fountain with Auntie Rachel. He sure has a fascination for water!