Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hyped up

Ok, I have been trying to figure out how to post a video for over an hour now, so I hope this works!
Today, Itook Nathan back to the Aquarium agian and he acting like a wild man. He was so happy and hyper for over an hour. He was waving his arms, squealing and kicking.
The video does not get a great picture of him, as I was trying to shoot it and hold him at the same time! (I know, I'm a mom now so I should be able to multi task!)
The "fake coughing" is something he started a few months ago, it went away and now he has started doing it agian. I am afraid he is going to get a sore throat from doing it all the time. I guess it is way of communicating.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweet moments

I came home, saw the backdoor was open so I looked outside and this is what I saw......... A daddy and his boy! It made me smile.
Apparently the daddy was giving instruction on how to build your own fiberglass subwoffer(sp?) for his car, from scratch. Nathan even had his own peice of fabric to practice! I mean who needs to learn about your ABC's when you can learn about subwoffer's?!!
I am so thankful and blessed to have a husband that is dedicated to spending time with and teaching our son! We have 1 very loved little boy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sort of Halloween

8 Months old!

My little Lion!!
I wish I could say I thought day and night and planned for months what the perfect Halloween costume was going to be for Nathan, but alas, I didn't, and I am glad. If I had, I would have been very disappointed with Halloween night.
This was the first time i have ever had Halloween off at work since I started 8 years ago. I just have not had a reason (besides when my cousins were little) to have the night off. We had visited a pumpkin patch/Fall Festival at a church the week before, so i had some pumpkin pictures and Nathan had already done a little "trunk or treating". Dan had to work Monday night, os my plan was to walk up to our church and go to our "trunk fest" there. It started at 6:30 and went until 8:30 so Dan was going to join us when he got off of work.
Dan had bought this cute lion costume a few weeks earlier. However, we were not planning on Nathan having a helmet at this point so, the head of the lion did not fit.
This lead to my first issue. I had to cut the back of the head to get it to fit over the helmet. It did not stay on very well once it was cut and I managed to lose it somewhere between our walk from home to the church, so I had a headless lion. I was able to get a few picture of him in it with the head before it was lost for good. I would have taken some with his helmet off but I was figuring on doing that when Dan was there to help me.

Second, Nathan became very hot and sweaty in his costume in the walk over ot the church. He was still adjusting ot his helmet. (the helmet acts as a giant sweater on his head and makes him VERY hot the first week of wearing it, until his body adjusts to the added temperature.) So, off came his costume before any of our friends could see it. then the real fun began. Here I am with a child in just a plain ole onsie, b/c that is what he had on under his lion costume, when every other little kid has on some adorable costume. Anyways, I find my friends and park our stroller by her car. At this point Nathan starts to melt down. He justs starts crying and fussing, so I feed him some dinner. He then proceeds to vomit up the pureed spinach I gave him. So there I am attempting ot hand out candy to people while holding a crying baby in a ratty onsie covered n green barf and no costume. Sigh.
At this point I decided to walk around with him and look at some of the trunks. Well, there were over 8,000 people there and 100 trunks to go past. Needless to say it took us 15 minutes to go to 4 trunks and he was still fussy (not like him)
We left ot walk back home and the minute I got him away from ll the noise and people he stopped crying and was smiling and happy. He is JUST like his father. He does not like alot of chaos or noise!
When we got home we waited for Dan and then went to a few neighbors houses for some trick or treating. Nathan loves playing with the candy wrappers. He liked to eat the wrappers too!
My headless lion!
His daddy was very excited about his candy haul!
I learned some important lesons. Always try your costumes on before the "big night". Then I would have known the head did not fit. Also, we will just stick to trick-or-treating in our neighborhood from now on. It was so much calmer and he got more candy that way (I mean it is all about the candy right?!!)