Sunday, March 18, 2012

1st Haircut

The 1st haircut is a sign my baby is growing up. I have been putting off cutting his hair for awhile (despite pleads from Dan, b/c he thinks Nathan was growing a mullet). I know, in 16 years I will be begging Nathan to get rid of all his extra hair, but right now he is still my baby.
I could have just cut his hair myself, but I thought going to a kids salon, where he could sit in a rocket ship or something, was just part of the experience of a baby's 1st haircut. Exactly how I thought about the prenatal class I made Dan attend with me. I knew we would not get much out of it, but it was part of the whole pregnancy and child birthing experience!
Oh, how I wish i had researched it better ( the price!!!)
Here he is in his little fire truck! He loved turning the wheel and clanging the bell!
He was such a good boy! He never made peep. Both hairstylist commented on his good behaviour!
We were not in there that long. She sprayed his hair with water and then took a few snips off and he was done.
I went up to the register to pay and pulled out a $10 bill, thinking his haircut would be $8 or something.
Stylist: " That will be $18"
ME: Umm.. Excuse me, did you say $ 18?
Stylist: yes, aht is the price for the haircut.
ME: All you did was spray his head with water and make few snips, why is it so much?
Stylist: that's just the price.
I bit my tongue from saying things like" that's 1/3 the cost of my haircut and I get a head massage, Paul Mitchell shampoo and styling" or "don't expect us to be regular costumers".
I was flabbergasted!! $18!!! for a baby who hardly has any hair on his head anyways.
So here, my baby's 1st haircutting experience was ruined in my mind. From now on, he will go to "Mommy's barbershop" in our kitchen!!
despite everything, he does look very cute, and more grown up!
On a different subject, TV watching. Research all points that is best for baby's development if they don't watch TV until they are 2. I was really going to try my best to follow that rule. However, 1 day back in November, I was at the end om y rope with my sweet baby (gasp!) So, I turned on Veggie tales for 30 minutes to give myself a break to make dinner. He really like it (of course) Since then, we let him just watch a 30 minute Veggie Tale video every now and then. HE loves the music and singing on it. We have tried short kids video's but he really only likes Veggie Tales. Here is a picture of him watching it with daddy. HE just laughs ans sways to the music, it is so cute! Hopefully I am not delaying his development to much!!Nathan also loves to be outside. The weather has been nice the last few weeks (since we did not get a winter this year) so we have been outside most evenings.
His favorite thing is to swing! He will just kick his legs and grin as Dan throws him around in circles. It still makes me nervous /c he comes close to the tree, but i know from high school Physics, there is no way he can hit the tree.

Monday, March 5, 2012

1 year

Wow.....that went fast! I know that is a cliche to say "the year flew by", but it really did!
This past year I have watched Nathan go from a helpless infant to a boy with personality and spunk.
Nathan has been very busy the past few months. He has learned to cruise and walk with assistance and now that is ALL he wants to do! He still does not crawl, it looks like he is just going to skip it altogether. We are going to have a physical therapist evaluate him to see if they have tips to help encourage him to crawl. I wouldn't worry or care about him not crawling except it is so important for their development to learn to crawl.
He babbles alot but still does not have any words in his vocabulary, but his babbling is so cute!
He has started to become defiant at times and can throw little tantrums. We have started using "NO" and are surprised to see how effective it is. I'm sure that won't last forever!
He is pretty happy most of the time and can really ham it up for the camera.
We had a small family birthday party for him on Sunday. He was so cute opening his presents. He received lots of new clothes for 18 months, which he will be in by the summer... he is growing so fast!! He received some new books too. He has developed a fascination with books in the last month or so. He loves to open the pages and especially loves the books that have flaps for him to lift. He has ruined several flaps in some of his favorite books, so thank goodness for double sided tape!
Of course he had to taste the wrapping paper before he opened his presents! He actually grasped the concept of "opening" a present more than he did at Christmas.
His Uncle Joseph, Aunt Lorraine and cousin Maeva sent him this piano. He loves it! Dan said he is going to return the favor by sending Maeva a set of drums for Christmas!! Audrey, his cousin, enjoyed trying to teach him how to play!
His Mimi (Dan's mom) got him a cool 4 wheeler. He doesn't quite understand how to push it with his feet yet, he would rather just stand and push it!
I did not get any pictures of him with his cake....I know, I know...bad mom. However, I did videotape it! Anyways, he hated the cake. He absolutely did not like the texture of the icing on his hands. He got really mad and started crying, and that ended the birthday cake. Maybe was just concerned about his carb and sugar intake?
Other than the cake episode, he was a good boy and enjoyed his birthday!