Monday, April 23, 2012

Wild Life Park

First of all, I like the new blogger, it is much easier for me to add pictures. However, I am still pretty basic when it comes to computer and so I can't figure out how to write on top of the 1st picture. I've tried several times and it just deletes the picture. It is sad to think my son will blow me out of the water with computers and electronics in just a few years!!

It has been awhile since I updated, I feel like so much has happened! Hopefully I will get more posts out soon for all of our "goings-on"!

The pictures start with Easter. My mom and I drove down to Houston for a quick visit to my grandparents for Easter. Sadly Dan had to work. We had a small egg hunt for Nathan, not sure how putting eggs in the middle of the grass is a "hunt" but it was still cute. Of course I did not get any pictures of that ! He got a rabbit balloon from his G-Gram which he Loved! He also got some books and then his eggs where filled with goldfish and animal crackers! Hopefully next year we can do candy, because I sure like having candy in the eggs instead of goldfish!!

Here he is with his balloon!

The table was all set for Easter. We each got a few eggs with some jelly beans! I hardly ever eat jelly beans but they sure do taste good at Easter time.

The day before Easter, My mom, grandparents and I took Nathan to the Wildlife Park in Alvin. We have been several times, and it is so fun, even if you go without children!
You pull into the gate and the animals come right up to your car for you  to feed them. My grandpa was in the front seat holding Nathan (disclaimer, we only had him out of his car seat for the less than 500 foot drive from the front of the park to the parking lot and the speed limit is 5 mph, because the animals are walking around, he goes alot faster than that when he is on the bike with his daddy!!) Anyways, this giant antelope sticks his head in the window and is inch's fro Nathans face. I could not believe it, it did not even phase him! He looked at like" oh, do you want to ride in the car with us?" I think Nathan is so used to my mom and grandparents dogs (which are treated and spoiled like family members) that he just assumed the antelope was an over sized Labrador!

One you park, you get to take a tram ride throughout the park and feed the animals. they come right up to the tram and eat out of your bucket.

Again, he was not phased in the least! He was very pensive during the tram ride, just watching all the animals. He sat still in my grandpa's lap for over 30 minutes...ummm...who is this child? He never sits still (unless your reading to him).
It was so enjoyable just to watch him and his reaction to all the animals. You could see his little brain just trying to process it all. I love watching him see new things and get exctited!
I was proud at how "brave" he was too! there was another boy on the tram and he would cry every time an animal would get to close.
Look at hose pink cheeks, he is definitely my child! Poor Nathan, you will never know what a tan looks like on you.
I love this picture! He was holding on to Papa's shirt, not for "dear life" but more for security. A boy and his Pop!
After the tram ride we got out and went to the petting zoo, where we did not stay long. It was a bunch of goats but there were animal droppings everywhere (and flies...yuk). Then he went to "hang out" with some deer! He was petting the deer like it was one of my mom's dogs!

Just a cute smile to end on!
Even though it was a quick trip it was a fun Easter, expect Dan was missing.

Coming soon......Blog on selling and buying a house!!!