Thursday, June 7, 2012


The last few weeks have been quite busy in the Hill household! We said goodbye to the house we started our married lives and family in and said hello to a lot more room and a giant backyard!!

Here is our old house (I know this is a winter picture but it is all i had of the house)

We did not move far from where we lived previously. When we found out we were having a2nd baby we knew we wanted more room as Nathan's stuff was slowly infiltrating every inch of our old house! We searched for a few weeks before we found the house we were interested in.
the new house

What attracted us to the new house most was the:
1) the 3 car garage, which was the only house in our price range with one. Dan's dream has always been to have a real shop and the 3 car allows him to do that.
2) huge walk in upstairs attic. this thing is huge and you just open a door and walk in!!

3) the massive backyard with covered patio. This was the true selling point for me. All the other house we had seen had no backyard at all. 

The covered patio is huge and has ceiling fans on it! We are so excited about being able ot sit on the patio and enjoy the outdoors!

We were very blessed to sell our house the 1st day it was on the market! We also got a wonderful deal on our new house, God has really blessed us with so much more than we would ever need.

IT took us a while to move everything the few miles over. Dan did it all by himself, well, I did some but I am not allowed to lift anything to heavy, so he gets most of the credit!

We decided to redo the maser bathroom before we moved in. The master bathroom was outdated with brass fixtures, brass shower door, and had carpet. We took out the carpet, put in tile, then tiled the shower and put in a new glass door with nickel.



We also decided to re carpet the whole house as the old carpet was 15 years old. We figured this was the time to do it, while the house was empty. That was our plan anyways. We had the tile and carpet scheduled to be done before we moved in, but Home Depot messed up our carpet order so we had to move into the new house, then move everything back out for them to put the carpet in...such a pain, but that was the only glitch in our move, so I can't complain too much!

We are slowly getting the house put together the way want it, but we already feels like home!


Nathan was helping his daddy put his crib together in his new room!

Nathan and Dan in one of our last days in the old house.