Saturday, July 14, 2012

More than half way!


Pregnancy update:
             I have been horrible about documenting this pregnancy compared to Nathan's. I have not taken a single belly picture yet and I am over 26 weeks! i also have not spent as much time journaling about this pregnancy.  Time has just gone by fast this pregnancy with a toddler in tow!

                   This pregnancy has not been roses and pumpkin pie like it was with Nathan. I had nausea for the first 16 weeks and could only stomach carbs.....hence, earlier weight gain. I also was very tired all the time up until about 23 weeks. I have had more back pain and all over pain (round ligament pain, discomfort when I bend over ect).  However, I feel like I finally turned the corner a few weeks ago. I have had more energy and have just felt good. I think some of that good feeling is from my intent to get exercise most days. With Nathan I ran or swam almost everyday (well, until I had premature contractions at 26 weeks and couldn't run anymore) but then I walked and swam. This time, I did not exercise much in the first 14 weeks because of the fatigue and nausea. Then we hit our nice Texas summer heat making it difficult to walk or jog unless it is before 7 in the morning. Also, Nathan is not fan of the gym daycare and cries the whole time. They come and get you from working out if your child screams for More than 10 minutes. SO, I have had lots of excuses from being as active as I was with Nathan, not to mention just finding the time with  a toddler! But, 3 weeks ago I started having more energy so I vowed to get up early to jog or go to the gym on days Dan is home from work. I miss exercising as much as I used too and I know it will be a while before i can really get back into the training and racing of my days of the past! Exercising is just a part of who I am and I get very depressed and sullen if I go for long periods of time without being able to run,swim or bike. I am glad I have made the effort the past few weeks, I really feel happier and not as short tempered! I just wish it wasn't so blasted hot so I had more time options to go outside. Oh well, at least means I will have the cooler temperatures after the baby is born, and that is when I will really NEED to exercise!!

                  We have been enjoying putting our new house together and making it "ours". Nathan has adjusted quite well and really loves haing his own little playroom!

Nathan update:
      He is 16 months old now. He runs everywhere, I don't think he know how ot walk! HE falls all the time from tripping over things, including his won feet. He just doesn't look down to see where he is going. His face always has a bump or scrathc on it. Poor thing.

     He still does not talk, but I ma not worried. He babbles all the time and understands what we say. We tell him to go get his shoes, he does. You can ask him if he is hungry and he goes into the kitchen and hands you his bib (so cute), he understands when we tell him "step", which means to stop and wait for our hand to help him up or down a step. We let him watch Veggie tales a few times a week and you can be in another room and ask him if he wants to watch veggie tales and he will run  into the family room, point to the TV and go get one of his movies. He knows to
look up in the sky if I say airplane and much more. So, I feel he will talk when he is ready!

      He loves to swing and play on the playground. He and I go to our favorite park on days I'm off work and he loves it! He finally can "play" on the play ground instead of just swinging. He likes to climb up the slide over and over again!

        Surprisingly he seems ot have lost his interest in water, which makes me sad. They opened a splash pad at our favorite park and I was so excited about it. However, he did not want to have much to do with it. He played for about 5 minuted then wanted ot go to the regular playground instead.  We walk by the splash pad every time we go to the park and he watches all the kids splashing and then he goes to the "regular" playground. Maybe it is because it is not a pool of water b/c I just took him to the pool and he loved it, but he used to love playing in the sprinklers and that is what the splash pad resembles. Hopefully it is just a stage and he will find his love of water again!!

      He loves to play hide-and-seek. He will go into the closet in the study and close the door while we hide, then he comes out to look for us! HE also plays hide-and-seek around the couch with his daddy! He just laughs and laughs. I love seeing his face when he is "looking" for us and then the big smile when he "finds" us! We tried to teach him to be the hider but he only understands how to "seek" right now.

     He does very well with structure and schedules. He does not stray to far from us and likes to keep us in sight, which I am very thankful! He is not a risk taker either. He loves to play in the dirt, we have a big flower pot in the backyard full of dirt for him to play in and he will spend lots of time pouring the dirt on the ground, digging in it and eating it!
He really is a good boy (except for at the moment he is trying to help me type, despite a warning tha Mommy does not need help!)  We read somewhere that you can only expect a toddler to be "good" 60% oft he time and so we always joke around about what percentage of a day it has been! I enjoy spending time with him and watching him learn and comprehend new things each day!

  The only family picture I have taken in awhile.

And acute picture to end on. He found my QT water cup and was so proud of himself for drinking out of it!