Sunday, June 9, 2013

May happenings

 May was a busy month for us!
This little girl turned 8 months old and is so close to crawling. She is able to go from any laying position to sitting and crawls backwards. She is a very smiley baby and quit the babbler.
I am very excited for the crawling stage since Nathan never crawled I feel like we missed out on a fun milestone.
She is eating more solids now, however she is not tolerating yogurt, so I hope that does not mean she still has a dairy intolerance! She loves in the high chair and gnaw on a cracker while we eat. She also is obsessed with her sippy cup! It is hilarious to watch her when you put the cup in front of her. You would think we had never given her a drink in her life!! She likes to chew on Nathan's feet/toes and thank goodness he finds it funny.

I took my yearly New York trip with my mom this past month. I brought Amber along this time. We had a fun time, however the weather was not cooperative. It was in the 40's, rainy and strong north the end of MAY!! We made the best of it and were still able to do lots of shopping!
My sister lives on Long Island, so she came into the city and took Amber back to LI with her for 2 days. That way my mom and I were able to go see a few shows and shop without having to worry about Amber.
We saw "Nice work if you can get it" and "Cinderella" this time around. They were both fun, light-hearted and entertaining musicals! We had seats in the front for "Nice work", and it was so fun to get a different perspective by sitting that close up.
ON Sunday we took the train to Long Island and spent the day with my sister. We went to the beach after stopping by a farm that is known for their homemade pies!!

I was bad about taking pictures, but here is one of us on the 1st day, braving the cold and rain! Amber never complained (cried, fussed) once! She was telling us that she is a born New York girl! It has been a tradition in our family since I can remember to take a girls yearly trip to NY. I look forward to Amber being able to join in on the fun as the years go by!
I don't have any pictures, but Dan and Nathan had a really goo father/son weekend while Amber and I were gone! Dan was so creative and had different activities planned for each day. They went tromping through 2 creeks and found bugs, trash and mud! They had a camp out in the living room, they went swimming at the city pool, they had a flashlight adventure 1 night, they washed the cars, went for bike rides and more!! I don't think Nathan would have noticed if I never came back!
Dan is such a wonderful daddy and I am glad they had such a fun weekend together.

 We have hit the beginning of the hotness of Texas summers which means we will be spending most of our time in some form of water. Either the city pool, backyard pool or sprinkler.
They both love the water, but what little kid doesn't?

 Nathan loved to run between his big pool and sister's baby pool.
Nathan's new favorite thing to do lately is to wear our shoes. It is so funny. He will run into our closet in the morning and pull out different pairs of our shoes and wear them around!
During the day he will sign for me to take off my shoes so he can wear them around the house.
 He has a little room to fill to wear daddy's shoes

 Amber is now big enough to ride in the bike trailer. They both enjoy bike rides, but Nathan misses getting to ride on the back of the bike. He was too tall, his legs would not fit anymore.
And my new favorite picture to end!