Monday, August 5, 2013

July happenings

Time keeps marching on.
Amber is 10 months old now and continues to be a very active baby! She is a fast crawler and is pulling up on EVERYTHING!! She has started walking behind her push toys and when we hold her hands. I am sure she will start cruising around the furniture soon.
She is still a terrible napper and pretty inconsistent sleeper at night. I have a feeling that is just going to be a part of her personality....not needing as much sleep as her parents or brother!!!

We had Amber dedicated at church in a smaller fashion. We go to a large church and Dan and I have been attending the traditional service since they started it. The traditional service is much smaller (300?), meets in the old chapel, has piano only for music and is apprised of people wise in age!
Needless to say we bring the median age of the congregation down a bit, but we love the service and the people!
Dan has been attending a different Sunday School class while I work in the nursery. Most of the members of his class attend the traditional service. They all were so faithful to pray for us when Amber was born and we were unsure of her medical issue and scared.
We made a special request ot have her dedicated to God in this service as opposed to the dedication they have in the contemporary service with the pastor and 20 plus babies.
They agreed and it was a very special time for us.

 The "pastor" who lead the traditional service gave a humbling and personal charge to us as parents on how to teach our children about the Lord God everyday.
We feel blessed to belong to our church and the fellowship and relationships we have there.
 Since we live in Texas and the coolest temperature of the day is maybe 79 degrees and that is at 2am, we have been spending a lot of time playing in water!
Now that Amber can stand so well, she loves to splash in the water table. Of course, when Nathan sees the table he wants the pool out. How can I resist, I mean it's too hot to do anything else!
 As soon as she "stole" the hose from brother she tried to drink from it. Of course she sputtered and coughed, then she just laughed and went right back to trying to drink from it again..sigh....I guess she doesn't learn to well from her mistakes!!
 I was tired the other day (Amber had been up several times at night) so I laid down on the couch in the playroom while they were playing. I guess Nathan thought it was a game, because he came right over and climbed up on me and pretended to be "sleeping". It was really cute! I of course enjoyed the cuddle time.
 My mom purchased a Dallas zoo pass for the year. She takes them alot, but this was the 1st time I had been in a long time. I have a pass to the Fort Worth zoo, but I really like the Dallas zoo better. They have an amazing children's area at Dallas zoo complete with a little "river" for kids to splash and walk in. That was Nathan's favorite part. I even let sister crawl around in the water and she was happy as can be, I just didn't capture it on camera.
Nathan loved watching the penguins (he is really into penguins right now) he calls them "oon-gaa's"!
 Amber and I on the elephant.
 Amber's new favorite thing to do is to take a walk with her daddy in the backpack. She just smiles and babbles thes whole time!
 Our neighbors tree came tumbling down in a storm a few weeks ago. Dan decided to clear it out for them while they were gone for the day and of course Nathan got to help!
Don't worry, those are safety goggles, Dan does not normally wear them!
He was so cute following Dan around and "helping" him move branches out of the way. The chain saw was a little loud for Nathan so he got to wear his daddy's ear muffs. He loved wearing them!
He really loves helping Dan with projects. He stayed outside in the heat with Dan for well over an hour, just watching him and "helping"! Such a daddy's boy! I am so thankful to have a husband who can teach our children a plethora of life skills such as this and show them what it means to serve others, even if we get no recognition or reward for it. Such wonderful lessons to learn at a young age!