Sunday, November 3, 2013

1 year old party....long overdue!

5 weeks ago my last baby turned 1! I am long overdue on blogging about it, I blame life for being too busy!!
I bought a groupon for JCP portrait studio and used it for some 1 year old pictures of her. They turned out OK, but I have not been impressed with portrait studio's in general and will not use them again. I just couldn't pass up the groupon!! A few pictures turned out cute. Nathan was acting very "2" that day and they took no good pictures of him or the 2 of them together...bummer.

 Looking at these pictures makes me realize how much she has changed and grown in just 5 weeks since they were taken. Her hair is much longer and her face is thinner (from walking). She is growing and changing so fast!
She started cruising and walking with her push toys around 11 months and really started walking on her own at 13 months.
Her appetite has tripled in the last few weeks, I think since she is moving around more? She prefers squeezies (fruit/vegetable pouches) and I can not get her to eat any kind of chicken/pork/or beef.
She continues to get a rash around her mouth most days after she eats. I have not been able to narrow it down to a particular food. It is worse with strawberries, so I am avoiding those for now.
She had her 1 year old checkup and was in the 85% for height and 75% for weight. She got sick after her vaccinations with a high fever but it went away after a few days. It was her first time to have a true fever and she was so pitiful. She just wanted to cuddled, so I soaked up that time, but I still hated to see her sick.

We threw a little birthday party for her at a splash pad/park near our house. I know it was the end of  September but living in Texas with the hot weather allowed us to have her party outdoors with water!  It did rain, but it really worked out in our favor. IT started to rain after the kids had been playing in the water for an hour and I was ready to let everyone munch on chick-fil-a nuggets, serve her cake and open presents. We had a big pavilions so we could stay out of the rain!
Her cousin was so sweet to play with her in the water! Nathan had fun too! It was mostly family but we had 4 other kids there, besides her cousins, and it worked out good.
 She started to shiver right before the rain started so she got to snuggle wrapped in a towel for a while.
 Nathan was much more into the cake and candles than she was! I did let him help her blow them out!
 I did not think about keeping a onesie on her and feel kinda weird that she is half undressed in her cake pictures. I was just thinking about the mess she was going to make....oh well, to late to retake pictures with a shirt on now.
 She enjoyed sticking her feet into the cake more than she enjoyed eating it! Word to the wise, shortening from the frosting does not wash off easily without a degreaser!!

After cake she opened some presents.  I am very grateful and thankful for all the clothes and toys she received!
A parting shot with the birthday girl and her daddy!