Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun moments over last few months

Life the last few months
I am so behind on documenting on trips and birthdays, that is seems silly to back post from February. Therefore,  I will just move forward with time and try and do better about current posting!
Life just seems full and busy most days. I am sure it will feel this way until the kids have moved out of the house! They both are still in "school" 1 day a week while I volunteer at a Pregnancy Center. I am still working part-time and Dan full-time, which works out great for us. It is alot of driving the kids around to our families, who are gracious enough to watch them for us. We spend our days, off of work, doing various activities such as the library, going to Target (Nathan loves to just play with the soccer cones and balls there), the splash pad park, the duck feeding park, swinging in the backyard, playing in the kids pool, reading books, doing some crafts (I am not so crafty, so we keep our crafts simple, unless Dan is around (he is Mr. crafty), going to the Arboretum, zoo and aquarium.
I am not much of a stay at home mom, so I like to at least go somewhere once a day, even if it is a short jaunt to the local grocery store!
Nathan's favorite craft is gluing shapes onto paper. I know it is the thrill of the glue stick but he is so cute to watch!
Some big happenings have been Amber losing a front tooth.
 She was pushed at school and fell onto the corner of a sturdy wooden toy. Her teacher called me and told me her lip was cut. I came to evaluate her, she was covered in blood, and when I held her she opened her mouth and there was only 1 front tooth. I asked if they saw she had lost a tooth and they had not. Her poor teachers where very upset by the whole situation. I was able to get her right in to our pediatrician, who sent us to a pediatric dentist right away. They took an xray and the tooth had been pushed up into her gum. We were told it should grow back down and then needs to be removed. It has not grown back down yet, but it is starting too re-emerge.
I will be honest, I was upset at first, mostly because of the thought that she will be toothless in all pictures until she is 7 or 8, when the new tooth grows in. However, after a few days I was over it and she is just as cute with 1 front tooth. She was a trooper the whole time. It took her less than a day to be back to herself and not seem to be hurting at all.
Another big event was Nathan's birthday party. Yes, I know, his birthday was in March but we had to cancel his party due to rain. Because of the all the weekends we have to work, May was the first weekend we both had off together to reschedule his party.
We rented a Mickey Mouse bounce house for the backyard, then had some friends and family over.
The kids had more fun with the bounce house in the evening, after the party and nap time. I think there was just too much going on at the party so they both just wanted to swing (of course). However, that evening they played in it for 2 hours! (Dan and I did too!)

Nathan was excited to blow the candle out on his cupcake, but did not want to try it (he has never really liked sweets, or if he does, it has to be on his terms!) But that did not stop his sister from devouring a cupcake.
I think she thought it was her party!

Fun times at the arboreteum
There were some workers trimming some trees and Nathan was intently watching them.
The best part is the splash pad and kid area!

The past 2 weeks we have had the kids in swimming lessons. Nathan is in a class with 2 other kids and 1 teacher and then Amber is in a parent class with either Dan or myself. Nathan loves it and has made improvements each day. Now he can just jump in by himself without holding his teachers hands. He can put his face under on command.
Amber did "OK". She did much better being in the water with Dan than with me. However on the last day of class she was more cooperative. The scary part with her is she just copies ANYTHING Nathan does and I do mean anything! If he says something, she repeats it. If he has a drink, she wants one. If he is crying, she starts to pretend cry. If he is being silly she starts acting silly. At the pool he jumped into the water to me and she did the same, only I was catching Nathan so she promptly went under the water, luckily a lady pulled her up for me!

They are at fun age right now, albeit challenging, and are really starting to interact with each other more. Nathan is much sweeter to Amber than just a few months ago. He used to just say "No sister" all the time and now he is more caring towards her (sharing a toy, handing her a drink or her lovie, asking about where she is). Amber is talking in 3+ word sentences now (what a difference compare to him at this age!) There is not a word she will not at least attempt to say. She is really into "No" right now and we have been correcting her to say "No thank you" which she will do but she has to be punished every time for saying "No" first. I guess all that to say, she is not as receptive to punishment as Nathan is. There little personalities are so different!