Saturday, April 23, 2011

Much Improvement

It is amazing how much a baby can change in just a week, let alone 7 weeks! We are starting to get a routine down with him and I know that will only last until he decides he wants a different routine! He just started sleeping 5-6 hours at night and it is wonderful! When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he drinks his bottle then goes right back to sleep, so I can not complain at all!
He took his first road trip 2 weeks ago. We went to Houston to visit my grandparents. He did great in the car! HE slept the whole way, except t o eat once. I was afraid that meant he would be up all night, but he not so! I really feel blessed to have a baby that sleeps so well, he is definitely our child (we love sleep!) We had a fun and relaxing time in Houston and my mom was nice enough to take a 2 am feeding so we could rest!

Here he is with his "great" grandparents

He is starting to interact more and I am finally starting to feel that "bond" with him. I am waiting patiently for him to start smiling. I know once he does it will make this whole journey worth while! I still have days where I feel like he is just an extra bag to carry around, and I reminisce on the days when life was carefree and I could go ride my bike or swim without finding someone to watch the baby. That being said, my favorite part of t he day is when he and I take a nap in the afternoon. He curls up on my chest and it is so peaceful and loving! He makes the cutest noises in his sleep, like he's having a puppy mere!

Here he is watching his mobile in his crib! He kicks his legs to the music and is so intense watching the little animals

We bought him this play mat and when he is in the right mood he will just stare at all the little toys. However, this mood is usually short lived and he gets bored! He and his daddy were playing together

He seems to be growing each day and he is finally starting to get a little fuzz on his bald head!
I can't wait to see how much he has grown at his 2 month appointment, although I am not looking forward to him getting his 2 month shots. We weighed him at home and he is around 9 pounds and he is just about to big for his newborn diapers.

Hopefully next time I post I will have a picture of him smiling!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 month already!

Just like my pregnancy, 1 month has flown by and crawled by at the same time! This past month has been a real adjustment for us.

Luckily my post-partum baby blues (that no one warned me about!!) have subsided and I am back to semi-normal. I don't think I will be normal until I am able to sleep at night. I am able to eat again and I am not sad or crying all the time! However, the lack of sleep has been the hardest thing for us.

We have been and were told by most people that we would adjust to life without sleep. Well, Dan and I are sleepers and our bodies require sleep. We are not really adjusting and I don't think I ever will. But, I know Nathan has to sleep through the night at some point, so I am holding on to that for comfort!! It is hard, especially for Dan, as he is training for cycling season to begin, to put in a difficult workout and then to be able to recover with sleep.

Nathan has been doing pretty good at night, he usually will go back to sleep after his feedings, or need a little rocking, so I know it could be worse!!

We decided to give up on the nursing. I tried everything from Fenu-greek, Reglan, drinking tons of water, eating more, pumping, nursing frequently and nothing brought in my milk supply. I only make 1 ounce in a 3 hour period, which is no where near enough for Nathan to thrive. We had been going through a rigorous routine of me nursing 15 minutes each side, Dan supplementing with a bottle and me pumping for 15 minutes then cleaning all the pumping pieces. It is very taxing on us as the whole process takes about an hour and we repeat it every 3, that only gives us about 2 hours or less between feedings. It is really rough at 2 am ! My OB and the lactation consult both said I gave it my best shot and for sanity's sake I should call it quits. That made me feel better about my decision. I really liked nursing and wish I could nurse exclusively, but I know I tried everything (except domperidone which is not approved by the FDA in this country).

All that to say, I think now that we are going to bottle only, life will get a little easier for us. We can take turns at night feeding him and the whole process will take 15 minutes as opposed to 1 hour. Plus I will not be tied to the house as much either! I hate being cooped up.

Nathan has been growing by leaps and bounds everyday! He is more awake during the day time and seems to be interactive at times. He is a morning person like us! After his morning feeding he is so attentive and looks around and doesn't fuss. He has been trying to smile (or so I think) but he's not there yet! I am looking forward to him smiling and interacting even more! Right now he is more like a "pet rock"! But a cute pet rock at least!

My brother and sister-in-law found him this cyclist onesie! It is perfect!

this was so sweet. He fell asleep holding my finger up to his cheek! Dan was giving him a lesson on changing brake pads! He likes spending time in the garage with daddy (well, by that I mean he likes taking a nap in the garage)! The first time we put him in his car seat he was lost in it. Now his head reaches the top of the cushion! He's growing so fast!
This is his 1month picture. I accidentally downloaded the wrong one. But I am not "blogger savvy" enough to know how to delete it without deleing the entire post!

Each month we are going to picture him next to his lion!