Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New "toy"

Nathan got a new toy this past week, well, actually DAN got a new toy this week! Nathan is getting to big for the front pack carrier and we like to hike alot so Dan ordered a Kelty kid backpack carrier. He got a good deal on EBAY for it. Of course, since it is my husband, multiple modifications had to be made to the carrier to make it just right!! For those who do not know my hubby, he is infamous for modifying any big purchase we get to improve it! He really does make it better, it just makes me nervous when the tools come out. Case and point, we had bought a brand new, expensive, smoker/grill from Lowes. When we got home I went inside and came out later to find Dan with his welding torch cutting holes into the brand new , did I mention expensive, smoker! AHHH.....of, course it turned out great and works just the way he wants it to, but it still makes me nervous!!
Anyways, Nathan seems to like his new backpack carrier. It is a little cumbersome to get on in off with him in it and the weight is up high instead of down low, like a normal backpack.
We are planning an overnight hiking trip, for just the 2 of us, in October, so Dan is starting to "train" for it by carrying Nathan around in the backpack. This will be our first overnight tent camping trip, where we have to carry all our gear, so it helps to get used to having all that weight on our backs!
Here is Nathan in his new backpack. Doesn't he look thrilled!!
This is my new favorite picture of him! We were out on our nightly walk to look for frogs at the lake! Actually, if I'm honest, I like looking for frogs! It is quit a skill to sneak up on them then run towards them and watch them LEAP into the water. The closer you get to them before they jump, the higher and further they go!! I'm sure anyone watching me must think I'm insane!! It's the little things in life.
Nathan loves his jumper-oo although he likes it more as a swing instead as a jumper. He gets the biggest smile on his face when you start swinging him.
And a cute picture to end on.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy 5 month old

Swimming, Driving and Cycling!
That is what our now 5 month old has been up to this month!!
Nathan is becoming more active everyday. It is so fun to watch him do new things. He started laughing and he now rolls over every time you put him on his tummy! He hates tummy time so I think he was more than thrilled to find a way to get off his tummy.
He is also a lot more "squirmy". He wiggles when getting his diaper changed and when getting his bottle. He still likes to be cuddled to fall asleep for a nap, which I love!
He is "talking" more and more everyday. This started about week ago. He makes all sorts of cute noises which I'm sure he equates ot "talking". It sounds like dolphin noises. He does have this one annoying "grunting" sound he makes often. It sounds like complaining but it gets old in a hurry. We like the cuter talking noises better.
When you put him on his back on the bed he just goes to town kicking and flailing his arms. He also gets a serious look on his face, so we are convinced he is "working out". He is probably imaging himself sprinting while he's flailing!!

Dan finished constructing Nathan's bike. He took an old mountain bike, added fenders, and turned it into a commuter bike with the baby carrier!(He also added a light in the back, for safety!) Nathan seems to like it. We have not gone far with him in it because we do not have a helmet small enough for his big noggin!! Although, I think the last person in the world to just fall on a bike would be Dan!!
Dan has also been teaching Nathan to drive! (Don't worry CPS, the car was never in drive on the road while their was an unrestrained child in the vehicle)
He and daddy have such a good time together. I am so thankful Dan is able to watch him on some of the days I work. It will really strengthen that father-son bond! Dan is so active, as most of you know, so he and Nathan stay busy on the days I work.
Here is his 5 month old shot!
Nathan and I went to visit my grandparents 2 weeks ago. My mom brought a blowup crab pool for Nathan! It was awesome. He splashed and splashed for the longest time in it! He would just kick and flail his arms while smiling! It did not even bother him to splash water in his face. He did let us know when he was tired though.
You can't see it in this picture, and I just accidentally erased the picture with the full crab in it, by pressing the back button :( but the crab pool has 2 eyes on it and he would look up and stare at them while he kicked!! SO cute!
And finally, we have graduated from rice cereal to vegetables! He tried carrots a few days ago and he ate every bite! I think he is going to be an eater like his dad!
He is on his 2nd round of sickness, which is so sad. He is so congested and has trouble breating. We think he has been getting sick form church nursery! Church on Sunday - sick on Wednesday!!
Luckily Dan bought a hospital grade suction machine (those of you from work , if any of you read this, are laughing about this!) we have suctioned him several times and it makes such a difference! I hate seeing him sick, he looks so sad, but he is a trooper!
Being a mom becomes more fun each day! Dan and I really love him and he is a fun and easy going baby!