Saturday, December 17, 2011

My wrapping helper

The cutest Christmas helper ever!
I love that little smile! Dan was playing with a wrapping paper tube and Nathan was just laughing and trying to grab it!
Here is my helper.....umm....helping.
He managed to confiscate a spool of ribbon when I was not paying attention ( i mean, when I had my head turned... I always pay attention to this little guy!)
He unraveled all 3 colors and had it in a giant tangle! It was pretty cute. I gave him a present (for my brother, don't tell him!) to try and open and he just ate away at the paper (notice the missing section to the present to his left shoulder. An hour later I noticed he was drooling alot. His shirt was soaked with drool, which is unusual for him,so I thought maybe he had another tooth coming in. Well, then I looked in his mouth and he had a wad of wrapping paper shoved up into the roof of his mouth! It was so gross...but funny.
So far, his favorite thing to play with is wrapping paper tubes! Maybe I will just put the wrapping paper back on and give him that for Christmas!
He doesn't crawl yet, but he rolls. SO he rolled over to my stack of presents under the tree/table and starting pulling off decoration and ribbons. I can only imagine how it would be if he was crawling or walking! I would not be able to leave any present out.
He looked so surprised when he pulled the presents on top of himself! I love watching him try and figure things out, like how to get a ribbon or bow off. His little mind is always on the go and it is so fun to be apart of watching him learn!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas and 9 months

Nathan is now 9 months old!
He said his first word the other night......"mama"!! Of course, he has not said it since then, but both Dan and I heard it so it counts!! It is a funny story as to how he said it. Dan was giving him a bath, I was in the other room, and all of a sudden I heard Dan say "Uh-oh" and Nathan started sputtering and crying. Nathan had been leaning back and turned his face into the water. Anyways, Dan pulled him out of the tub right as I walked in. Nathan turns to look at me and says "Mama". It was like he was saying "save me mom, dad is trying to drown me"!! It was so cute! Don't worry he was never in any danger of actually drowning!
He also has had his front 2 teeth come in since he has been 9 months. He never fussed so I did not realize they had come in until his 9 month Dr's appt.
He has waved "bye-bye" once and it was out of context, so I am not counting it. He still does not crawl, but he scooches backwards on his stomach and rolls in order to get where wants to go.
He is still wearing his DocBand and we have about 6 weeks left of wearing it. Not much to reporet on it. HE does not mind it anymore and we have not had anymore skin breakdown on his head. It is getting pretty foul though. That sucker is starting to smell, like dirty feet. We clean it as best we can, but there is only so much scrubbing you can do!
His head continues to grow, he was in the 90th percentile for his head circumference, so hopefully this means the helmet is doing it's job since he has having such head growth.
I can already tell a difference in the back of his head. It seems much rounder in the back.
He is eating lots of "big-boy" food now. He will eat any baby food and as far as real food goes he has had cheese, turkey, mashed potatoes, meatballs, yogurt, bread, chicken, spinach, eggs, sausage and watermelon. The only 2 things he does not like are Cottage cheese and Banana's. We have tried real mashed up banana's and the Gerber banana's but he does not like either. IT must be the taste. I do not like banana's either. It is fun to watch him try new foods, but it is such a mess!! I mean he gets food in crevasses i didn't know existed!
I love Christmas time!!! I love shopping for presents, decorating , baking, singing to Christmas get the picture. I love it!!
Anyways, this year has been a little different with Nathan around. It has been much more difficult to shop. I used to spend hours looking for just the right present or researching a gift. I loved to walk around the mall just to get ideas for gifts...well, not this year. Most of my gifts have been purchased on line ( i never thought i would be an oline shopper...takes some of the fun and joy out of the experience for me). Nathan is a pretty good shopper, but only in about 1-2 hour increments. oh well...he is worth the sacrifice!
I also, love to wrap and decorate presents. I would spend several full days of just wrapping presents while watching Christmas movies. That "tradition" has changed some what as well. I have had to wrap with Nathan's help, which is not so helpful (he loves to grab at my paper and wrinkle it!). At least he is easily distracted with a bow or wrapping paper tube! And only 1 Christmas movie so far, as I don't really want him to see much TV yet. (Everyone has there own opinion on that, i know).
Here he has discovered the ornaments on the tree! It was so cute to watch. He looked at the ornament, reached for it and.......
SUCCESS!! He pulled it off!
I will post more pictures of him finding my pile of wrapped presents! He was pulling at he ribbon and decorations! I think Christmas will be so fun with him this year!
More pictures of Christmas "helping" to come soon!