Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Park!!

Ski vacation!
Dan and I went to Winter Park, Colorado this past week for our annual ski trip! We take a ski trip every year, and go to the resort that offers the best deal. It is a fun way to get to ski in different places.
I must admit, I missed Nathan, but at the same time, thoroughly enjoyed the time with just Dan.
We flew into Denver on Monday then rented a car and drove to Winter Park. We stayed at a lodge and the room was exceptional. It was a full kitchen, minus the oven, it had a living room with a fire place, a separate bedroom and bathroom, plus a balcony. It was wonderful to have so much space!
We skied for 3 days and we skied hard! Dan is an advanced skier (I'm sure that is a real shock to those of you who know him...ha, Mr. can do everything!) and I can hold my own. However, I am not a huge mogul skier, but Dan has been helping me become more proficient at them over the past few years.
All of that to say, we fried our legs! We skied really hard (lots of moguls) on the first day and I was exhausted when we were done for the day. I thought we were in decent shape going into our trip, but you forget how much quadricep muscle you use nonstop! It was a great day for skiing though, it snowed most of the morning so there was a fresh layer of powder...who could resist that !!
We went into town for dinner that night and then slept for 10 hours...without having to worry about the baby monitor going was great!!
We felt rested and had a good 2nd day of skiing. Sadly, Dan had a pretty bad crash and really hurt his right shoulder and ribs. Of course, that did not stop him from skiing.
ON the 3rd day they opened up the lift that went to the bowl skiing. It was the first time this season that had opened it, so everyone was chomping at the bit to get up to the top. Here was a view from the top! It was beautiful to be above the tree lines and just see mountains, clouds and sky! I love marveling at God's beautiful and creative creation!
The bowl skiing was difficult. The powder was up to your waist in some areas and it was hard to control your ski's. It was steep and made me a little nervous, because people were flying down since everyone was excited it was finally open for the year.
My expert skier!
It was pretty cold while we were there and i loved it! I really wonder why I am living in Texas. I hate the heat and the fact that we never get a real winter. I loved just being outside while we were there and enjoying the cold and snow!
It was snowing when we woke up Tuesday morning! For those who do not know me well.... I LOVE the snow!
Ready to ski!
When we were packing for our trip, we found that my Scott goggles had melted, in the attic, this past summer. I guess that is not to hard to believe since we had record year for days over 100 degrees. I guess they were cheap plastic. Anyways, I needed new goggles. It is so funny how different Dan and I are. Wee both like to save and spend on completely different things! He wanted me to get a really good pair of goggles that would last me forever. I did not like the idea of spending that much for goggles when 1) I'm only going to use them once year and 2) Dan is a much better skier and he does not have expensive goggles, so why should I deserve them.
In he end, Dan won. I ended up with really nice Oakley goggles and i have to admit they are really nice. I could see so clearly, no fogging and they fit great.
This is a picture of me planking.
I am in a challenge with my running club to do a 60 second plank everyday this year. It may not sound that difficult, but just remembering to do it most days is the challenge! There have been a couple times where I have been in bed, halfway asleep and realized I had not done my plank, I had to get out of bed and do it. It is a fun challenge because it is something I can do. In years past some of hte challenges have been to far from my physical grasp (i.e adding a push up everyday so that you re doing 365 on the last day of the year and the same with sit ups!) Dan is doing the challenge with me which makes it fun!
We have a thread on facebook with our challenge group and people are always posting pictures of were they have done their plank. One girl had picture planking at a wedding in her bridesmaid dresses, some at airports etc. So that is why I am planking in my ski gear on the top of the lift!
I loved every minute of time with Dan! What a fun vacation with him!
About ot descend a very steep and long run! I was smiling before but not so much during the way down!
they had several fire pits around the resort, so we would walk around then warm up by a fire. This was the last night we were there and it was snowing buckets! they got 6 inch's in a few hours! We spent the evening sitting in chairs, outside under an awning, in front of the mountain, watching the snow cats groom the runs. It was so much fun, especially with all the snow falling around us.
I am very thankful to my mom for watching Nathan so we could enjoy some time away with each other! What a rejuvenating and fun vacation!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Helmet Free!

Congratulations Nathan!!
You made it over 3 months dealing with something constantly on your head. It started off as a rough journey but you were such a trooper. You made it through all the questions, pointing and stares of strangers (ok, mommy made it through all of that too!) with a smile on your face and drool on your chin.
It is a journey we are glad is behind us and now we can push forward to the next chapter.
I must say it was entertaining at times as to what people speculated was the purpose of the helmet. One guy honestly thought Nathan was into extreme sports already (I'm sure that day is coming). Others thought he had seizures, one man asked if he wore it because he banged his head against walls, one lady thought it was a winter hat, another thought he had brain surgery and of course someone asked if he was retarded. glad that is over. I know people are just curious, and i have no problem explaining the use of the helmet I am just relieved I don't have to deal with it any more. Now people will see a cute boy instead of a helmet.
Here is the certificate for graduating from the helmet!

Your cute smile...with no helmet blocking or distracting from your face!
At his last appointment the y took a bunch of pictures so you can see the difference between the before helmet and post helmet.
They told us from the beginning, they could not guarantee huge results since he was "older" when he started the process.
However, at the last appointment they said he made excellent progress and they could tell we were 100% compliant with the helmet (as far as leaving it on ALL the time, except his 1 hour break).
They want to use his pictures to show other parents that older babies can benefit from the helmet if they are compliant! I thought that was quite a compliment to all 3 of us!
Here are the before and after shots. Before pics are on the left, after on the right.
The 2 main goals of the helmet was to correct the flatness in the back and to gain some length in his head versus width (look at his forehead).
The side shots are the most impressive, in my opinion.
You can really see how his head rounded out and how he has more even balance of his head on his neck.
Overall, the helmet was worth it for us! We made it through and now we can say "Adios helmet"!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Part 2 and 3

Finishing up on our Christmas's
On Christmas eve, Nathan and I drove back home from Houston to be with Dan, who had been at work the last few days. Nathan woke up he next morning at 6am for his bottle then we all went back to bed together for a Christmas morning snuggle. We got up around 7:30 and started a fire and put on Christmas music!!
Then we made our traditional Christmas morning breakfast consisting of Belgian waffles and syrup! Nathan had his first taste of syrup and waffles and loved it, of course! Sugar and carbs....what could taste better!
Nathan was keeping him self entertained while we cooked breakfast.
Dan was helping him open his stocking stuffer which was his own set of real keys and key chains! Now , maybe he won't ruin my electronic car key with his slobber!
HE needed a little help getting his presents open...but it was cute to watch him try and do it himself. He still did not grasp the concept of present opening but he thought the wrapping paper tasted really good!
Yes, Nathan and I were slackers, we stayed in our jammies...the way your supposed to on Christmas morning, while Dan was showered, shaved and dressed.
It was so nice to have a quiet morning with just the 3 of us! It was a special 1st Christmas as a family of 3!
After we had our morning together we headed to Dan's mom's house for the rest of the day. We had a fun afternoon with Dan's side of the family! Nathan got spoiled with all the wonderful clothes and gifts he received! And he had fun "playing" with his cousins!
Nathan and Mimi playing with his new toy camera!
Audrey also had a new fun toy that Nathan wanted to play with, but as you can see below, his daddy beat him to it!!
He claims he was just "tuning it " for Audrey, but I think he just couldn't resist the pink flowers on it!!
Nathan with his cousins, Brandon, Logan and Audrey. Audrey was so nice and helped Nathan play with his new toys!
Audrey and Uncle Dan
Nathan with Mimi and PawPaw Dale.
Nathan did his 1st official wave to PawPaw Dale today! It was so cute. He more flaps his hand than waves but it is a purposeful wave. He loves his PAwPAw Dale!!
After a fun afternoon, Dan and I headed home. We left Nathan at his Mimi's house since Dan and I both had to work the next day.
It was a wonderful evening as my brother, Lorraine and Meava came over for the evening. Dan had not had the chance to meet Maeva before and she took right to him! It was really sweet, especially since they said she does not really like men.
It was unfortunate that Nathan was not there to play with his cousin, but we had a great time socializing and playing with Meava.
We also got introduced to Sprinkles cupcakes!! Wow, they were amazing. I mean you get as much frosting as you do cake! Of course my brother and I were not going to over do it by having a whole one each, so in Sarles fashion we split 2 and a half!!
My brother and i with Maeva.
We truly had a wonderful 3 Christmas's despite the short amount of time. We are so thankful for all we received and we were definitely spoiled! I hate that Christmas goes by so fast...all the build up and's over. I always need a week or 2 to slowly come down from my Christmas high!
I hope to start making traditions with Nathan in the years to come and to ensure he knows the true meaning of Christmas and not just that it is present time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Picture overload! Part 1

I am late in posting about Christmas but I feel this is the first time I have had the chance to sit down and spend the time to blog.
We had a wonderful Christmas, well, I should say wonderful Christmas' we had many different Christmas's.
First I am starting with a random picture of Nathan in the tub. This just to remind everybody how stinkin' cute he is before you begin reading!!! (He is turning into quite the little ham for the camera!)
Dan and I always have complicated Holiday schedules because of our professions and this year was no different. Dan had Christmas eve and day off but no days around them off and I had 2 days leading up to Christmas, Christmas eve and day off. This meant Dan was not able to come with Nathan and I as we traveled to Houston for Christmas with my family. We have Christmas at my Grandparents house and it is the one time of year we get to see my siblings, so he was so disappointed to miss it.
Nathan went down to Houston early with my mom so that I could drive down as soon as I got off of work. Luckily I got off of work a few hours early so I did not have to drive at in the middle of the night!! I done it before and I am never sure how I make it without falling asleep, so this was much safer!
I got there Wednesday evening and we went to have dinner with my mom and Grandparents. the next morning Papa (my grandpa) and I were up at 5am to make our traditional kolachi's and sweet rolls from scratch. We have been doing this for at least 15 years, probably more. It is so much fun tot have that time with him. I love to kneed the dough and feel like I really worked hard to produce some good food!
Later that morning my sister flew into town. She had a an early Christmas present for light up snowman ornament with his name on it which he loved to shew on (see above picture!) We went to lunch with her and it was good to catch up and she was able to spend some time with Nathan.
That night my brother, his wife and their daughter flew into town! The cousins are only 3 weeks apart so it was so much fun to see them interact! Here was there first meeting since May. We went to dinner with them that night and it was hilarious to see the stark differences in the 2 babies. Maeva was so dainty and Nathan was a bruiser!! At the dinner table Maeva was gently taking small bites of food, not making a mess and Nathan was in my mom's lap and lurched across the table to grab 2 handful's of rice off of my plate and try and stuff them in his mouth!!! It was so funny!
I love this picture because it looks like Maeva is scolding Nathan for not sharing his ornament (the one Auntie Cheryl gave him)
Isn't she just the cutest niece ever!!! It is so fun to have the 2 of them so close in age. I just wish they lived a few hundred miles closer so they could grow up together (hint,hint Joseph and Lorraine!!)
Here would be Nathan lurching for the handfuls of rice! He is so boy and she was so girl.
They were not really old enough to play together per-se but the y did play by each other. It was cute to watch them be interested in the same toy when there were a ton of other toys laying around them! They did so good during present opening. Neither had a melt-down and they defied the odds by actually playing with each present they received instead of the ribbons and boxes!
Wow, could you imagine having 2 ten month old....I don't know how you do it Kelly Daniels!
You can sort of tell the size difference between the 2 babies in the above picture. Nathan looks so big compared to Maeva, and here I always thought he was so small!!
Auntie Chery got to entertain the 2 babies for awhile...what a good aunt! too bad she does not live a few hundred miles closer either!! (hint, hint)!
Here is Maeva posing in her adorable pink Tutu GramE gave her!! Maeva loves everything pink, per her mom, even if she doesn't know it yet!!

We always have marathon present opening sessions..and this year was no exception and it was an ultra-marathon since we had two babies in the mix. We had to stop several times for breaks and naps...but it was still fun!
Here is G-gram with Maeva. Maeva was so cute shaking her little ball.
Brave Papa holding both wiggly babies...ok,ok 1 wiggly baby boy and 1 sweet and still baby girl!
Nathan really loves books. He sat still in Auntie Cheryl's lap and watched each page as she read! Maybe this means he will be scholastic......or maybe he just likes the pictures.
A proud gramE with her 2 grand babies!
AS you can tell from the plethora of pictures, we had a wonderful Christmas #1 in Houston! Sadly, everybody had to leave on Christmas eve, including Nathan and I, but at least we got a few days to see each other.
Next..Nathan and I drove home to see Dan. That would be Christmas #2 which will be the next post, so stay tuned!