Friday, April 26, 2013

April Happenings

Amber turned 7 months old yesterday! She is such a fun and happy baby now! The memories of her first few awful months are starting to fade!
At 7 months she is rolling around like crazy. I can put her down with her toys and within minutes she will have rolled several feet away. She likes to be on her tummy or back but she does not like sitting.
She no longer will sit in the bumbo for more than a minute or two. I am sure she will be a late sitter because of this, she would just rather be rolling!
She babbles all the time. It is easy to get her to laugh and smile. She recently found her toes and now they are a common thing to find her chewing on.
She is at the stage where she has to have something in her mouth constantly or she is not happy. She still does not have any teeth and I keep thinking it will be any day now because she is so dependent on chewing on something.
 My little chewing rolly poly!
 Happy most of the time! I love that grin and laugh!

Nathan is full blown 2 now and some days he is very good at being 2!!
His favorite thing to do now days is mow the lawn with daddy. He gets SO excited when we tell him he gets to "help" daddy mow the lawn! My sister got him a toy lawn mower and the only time he will play with it is when daddy is mowing. He then proceeds to push it all over the lawn the whole time Dan is mowing! It is so precious!
Because of his love of mowers, if he hears any on the other side of our fence we usually go on a mower hunt. We will go scour the neighborhood for the mowers so he can watch them mow. The other day I got home form the store and let him out in the front yard while I unloaded groceries. A few minutes later I found him a few house down just staring at the lawn guys working! He stood there without moving for awhile! Little boys and machines!

HE continues to have a love for water, I doubt that will ever change. He loves to help us water all the plants. He takes it very seriously and follows our direction very well. He is very well behaved and focused when we give him a task like that to do.
 Of course, he had to have some fun with the water hose!

Another new thing he loves to do is to play in my car. He "asks" to do it every time we go outside. I only let him occasionally but he thinks it is the greatest thing.
It is a little scary how he just picked up the keys and tried to get them in the ignition!
"Mom, a little help reaching the pedals please!"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter and 6 months


Guess who is already half a year old?!

6 Month stats for Amber
83% for height
44% for weight (15.5 pounds)
She is eating baby food 2 x's a day and loves it!
She babbles and talks all the time.
She rolls over both ways
She loves to play with her toes.
No teeth yet but she chews on everything~
She will take a pacifier but she is not dependent on it.
She now uses the highchair to eat and Nathan sits at the table with us (which he loves)
She loves being outside, just like her brother.
She enjoys being on her tummy.
Her sleeping is good some nights (will sleep at 8:30 and not wake until 4am) and other nigths she is up at 1am and  4am. Oh well, at least she goes right back to sleep after being fed.
She seems like she has developed alot in this past month. She is a baby now instead of an infant! She still does not have a great schedule as far as napping goes, but it is much harder with the 2nd than with the 1st child. With Nathan, my whole day revolved around his schedule and it is not the same for her, I'm afraid. Luckily they both sleep at the same time in the afternoon, so that helps.


We went down to Houston, where my grandparents live, for Easter weekend. This was our first trip as a family of 4. We were nervous about how the kids would do in the car for 4ish hours, so we planned to go before bedtime, in hopes that they would sleep. I must say, our plan worked beautifully both ways!! We fed them both, bathed them and put them in jammies. We left around 7pm. Amber was asleep by 7:30 and Nathan listened to music and played with his toys until 8:30. Then I gave him his paci and lovie and told him it was night-night time. It took him a little while to fall asleep but he never made a peep once I told him to go to sleep!
We had fun activities planned for each day. Of course baking cookies was involved in the plan! Here is Nathan helping Gram-E mix the dough.  Such a serious look on his face!

Then he HAD to taste it to make sure it was safe!
Side note: He is at a stage right now where he loves to help me make dinner or baked goods. If he sees me cooking he will motion for me to get his stool so he can help! He even will pull out the oven mitt when he sees me turn the oven on!It is so precious and i LOVE it! 

We went to an egg-hunt at a near-by church. They had music, activities and the egg-hunt.
They had 3 people outside playing guitars and singing kids songs.
Here he is with Gram-E singing and dancing to the music.

They did the egg hunt by age groups. I wasn't sure if he would grasp the concept, but he started running when he saw the other kids go! He picked up the 1st egg and opened it. He only put a few in his basket, the rest he opened then put back on the grass!



 I love this picture of him holding his basket. Such a sweet and innocent boy. I know it won't last forever and I am trying to cherish it! 

Later that afternoon we took him to a splash pad to play. Yes, only in Texas can you be in your swimsuit in late March! He played on it for a little while but he was more interested in throwing rocks off of a nearby bridge.
We also colored some eggs, but that did not keep his attention for very long

On Sunday morning we went to a sunrise Easter service that started at 7am. That meant we had to be ready and have both kids ready by 6:45!
We even made it to the service a few minutes early!
After church we took some pictures and then came home to do a home egg-hunt and open Easter baskets.

 Nathan with his basket
 Here is Nathan enjoying all the attention from his G-Gram, G-Pop and gram-E!!

Amber got an Easter basket with several new little toys for her to gnaw on!

 4 generations
Love the smile! He is not very good at smiling for the camera so you have to catch him off-guard!

 Me and my girl
We had such a fun weekend with family and Easter activities!
I am so thankful that we found a good time to drive the kids, it alleviated so much stress to drive down in peace and quiet! Now we can visit my grandparents more often!
A parting shot of a little girl and her daddy!!