Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Long Hiatus

Long time, No Blogging

Having 2 toddlers has been a little more busy and tiring than I anticipated! Therefor, I have not 
made the time to blog in almost a year. I am not going to try and play catch up or if  I do, I might do it in photo's on another post.
I will just move forward and try and blog more often! 

2 weeks ago I had a bad wreck on my bike. I was on my TT bike, looked down to give my neck a break (apparently looking down longer than I should have) and when I looked up  I was out of road. I had less than a split second to decide whether to crash into a porta-potty or a ditch full of rocks. I chose the rocks. I hit the rocks and flipped over the handlebars landing on my head and shoulder. My bad left shoulder of course. I may or may not have lost consciousness for a few seconds :) I was able to do a quick trauma assessment on myself (No uncontrolled bleeding, Airway intact and able to breath, Good pulse, Able to wiggle toes and turn neck, I couldn't really check my pupils!) I managed to make it back to the car. 
All that to say, I thought I had broken my collarbone, but the Lord was really watching out for me (Our Omniscient Lord knew I would need both arms for Amber's injury)
I was pretty beat up but was healed in about a week.
Then, the following week, Amber had her injury
Below is a picture 4 days prior. Such a happy girl!

I returned home from work, went into the kitchen to catch up with Dan about each other's day. The kids were in the playroom playing "dinosaur" where they were chasing each other. We had a new mattress on the floor we were letting them jump on to try and loosen it up (that is another story, expensive mattress that was harder than the floor)
All of a sudden heard Amber cry. Not just any cry but the "I ma really hurting cry". I think the T-Rex (brother) had pushed the stegosaurus (sister) off the cliff (mattress).
I thought it was just a sprained ankle, but we decided to take her to a Urgent Care to get an X-ray. 

The X-ray showed a Tibial spiral fracture. The Dr. told us the literature recommended urgent pedi ortho care and inpatient stay to observe for compartment syndrome. I know I am a trauma nurse but I really don't know much about broken bones outside of the Acute/Intensive area. I told them I would drive her to CMCD, they suggested I let them start  a IV and give her morphine. However, if I allowed that they would be able to release to a private car, she would have to be transported in Ambulance. Oh the drama. 
She was crying and hurting so bad, the Mommy in me let them give her the morphine.

She then bought herself a VANbulance ride. She was such a trooper through the whole thing. 
 She is mature for being 2 years, for sure. She never tried to wiggle away or swat at anybody (most 2 year old will). She held still for her IV, even though she cried. I was so proud of her!
We then sat in CMCD ER for several hours. She had more x-rays and a splint placed. She was going to wear the splint for 6 days then go to her Ortho appointment for a cast vs. boot. 

She could not bear any weight on her leg, therefore we bought a stroller to push her around in. She was supposed to keep her foot elevated as much as possible so Dan modified the stroller a bit!

She had a rough few days. We think she had a unrelated virus on top of the broken leg. She didn't eat for 3 days, had fever, looked really puny and pale.

She was not feeling good at all.
After several days she started eating a little and seemed in much better spirits!
She even managed to move around pretty good by dragging her leg! 
She actually crawled out of her bed and down the stairs one night. We found her scooting across the tile toward our room! Crazy girl!

Today we went to Ortho appointment to have her splint removed and a cast placed. My old roommate was our Ortho NP!! She said we could choose between a full length cast or a boot. She felt like the fracture would heal just fine in a boot and she worried about heel breakdown in the full cast at her age. I clearly chose the boot! However, since she had the splint removed (it was full leg) she has been in terrible pain and not eating again. I hope we don't have to start over at square one again.

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